Summary of My Year

This year has been amazing! Because this is my last day of school, this will potentially be my last post. From extreme camps to quiet school days, this year has had its ups and downs. Exams this year were one of the biggest lows but spending time with my friends were the biggest highs. Today is my last day at this school because I am moving to a different school. Although I am exited to move, I will really miss many of my friends. This for me is a high and low. School camp was a ‘blast’… not really. I think most of us would agree that our camp was the worst school expereince in our life. Camp put us out of our comfort zones. Although we got to meet new people and become closer with our already existing freinds, I think we were all happy to leave camp and come home to our beds. Exams were as terrible as the title suggests but I think we are glad to have them over and done with. We also havent decided the pronunciation of ‘Iraq’ which has become a big dilemma in our ICT class. I think that this year has been a very different type of year from the ones in the past. Stay safe for the holidays and have a great Christmas 🙂