My Holiday to America


Recently, we have had our Spring Break. I visited North America and it was amazing. After the very annoying 15 hr flight, we arrived in LAX. We didnt staythere for too long as it was only a stopover but then we went to Colorado. Colorado is typically labelled as a snow state for skiing and snowboarding, but becauise we went in Fall, there was no snow. The views of the mountains were beautiful and we went on many hikes. I saw many of my friends there and the weather was amazing. Although, on the last few days, it was snowing. It got a bit cold but it was very sunny. Once we left Colorado, we went to LA and stayed there for a night. We visited Disneyland I saw many of my favourite disney characters. One of which isĀ  Winnie the Pooh. I saw him and went on the ride there which was very cute. We also went to California land and i went on California Screamin’ which is a very fast rollercoaster that goes upside-down. I loved it so much that I went on it twice. Once we finished there, i went to the Mad-Hatter shop where I bought a winnie the pooh and belle hat. I loved my trip to America and i Want to go back again. If you have any inquiries, dont be afraid to comment!


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  1. Hi Tris,

    My name is Bec and I am a mentor in the student blogging challenge! I am a teacher in Melbourne, Australia. I am excited to get stuck in and check out all of the blogs and fantastic posts you have all written.

    I went to America this year too! I visited San Francisco, New York, Atlanta and Nashville! It was brilliant!

    I am looking forward to reading more interesting posts from you!


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